Proclamation - Advent of the Black Omen (CD)

Proclamation - Advent of the Black Omen (CD)

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PROCLAMATION have not changed their style much at all since the original demo "Imperious Jaws of Ire", and one track from that demo (Seed of the Antichrist) is recorded for this new album. The only noticeable change is the production which is minor. This all clearly shows .. PROCLAMATION are 100% dedicated to bestial black/death metal influenced by Blasphemy, Beherit!! Total Worship. Pure blasphemous degradation!


Track listing

  1. Rise of the Abomination (Intro)
  2. Evil Blood of Sodomy
  3. Rites of Carnality
  4. Hecatomb
  5. Crucifixion Vomit
  6. Advent of the Black Omen
  7. Seed of the Antichrist
  8. Hellbound Triumph
  9. Bestial Hordes from Hades
  10. Baptism in Fire
  11. Proclamation of Doom