Profanatica - Crux Simplex (LP)

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Notorious black metal apostates PROFANATICA emerge from their den of iniquity with the new full-length Crux Simplex. Their latest salvo of sin and sacrilege, this ten-track offensive is a nasty affront that bastardizes the first 10 stations of the cross. Led by infamous master of black perversion Paul Ledney, the band deal in bestial, first-wave black metal barbarity, and Crux Simplex unveils ungodly levels of bile and blasphemy.
For fans of (early) MAYHEM, POSSESSED, INCANTATION, HELLHAMMER, BLASPHEMY. Artwork by Abomination Hammer.


Track listing

  1. Condemned to Unholy Death
  2. Take Up the Cross
  3. The First Fall
  4. Meeting of a Whore
  5. Compelled by Romans
  6. Wipe the Fucking Face of Jesus
  7. The Second Fall
  8. Cunts of Jerusalem
  9. The Third Fall
  10. Division of Robes