Profanatica - Thy Kingdom Cum (LP)

Profanatica - Thy Kingdom Cum (LP)

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Splatter vinyl, includes A2 poster.

Profaners of the pure, defilers of Dog's creation, fornicators upon the altar: PROFANATICA return with their most vile and virulent creation yet, Thy Kingdom Cum. As one of earliest American black metal bands, during the dark 'n' bloody days of the early 1990s, PROFANATICA set out upon a course of utter blasphemy and barbaric primitivism, then retreating into the shadows as a cult icon, only to be resurrected years later once the black metal scene had finally caught up with their invention/degradation. When they returned, with Profanatitas de Domonatia in 2007, the signature PROFANATICA sound was firmly in place, and yet masters Paul Ledney and John Gelso continued to challenge themselves and push this pulsing primitivism to uncharted waters of sin 'n' sickness. Three years later, Disgusting Blasphemies Against God pushed the envelope even further - and yet three more years, and now Thy Kingdom Cum absolutely desecrates that envelope. Tense, veritgo-inducing riffing from Gelso malforms minds while Ledney's charred-black throat vomits forth visions only PROFANATICA can create/desecrate. This is BLACK METAL incarnate, and then black metal DEFIED / DEFILED. Let the juices flow across Thy Kingdom Cum...


Track listing

  1. Ruptureholyhymen
  2. Foul the Air with Blasphemy
  3. Denounce Him
  4. False Doctrina
  5. Definite Atonement
  6. Thy Kingdom Cum
  7. Ropes of Hatred
  8. Water to Blood


PROFANATICA knows they may not be able to scare your desensitized asses, but they can sure as hell taunt you and that's pretty much what they do with this album. It's insidious, uncompromising and slightly self-aware, which I find utterly refreshing in Black Metal or any Metal for that matter. If you've grown weary of the genre, I'd say this is an illustrious lesson in the world of difference attitude can make. - 4/5