Profetus - Open the Passages in Dusk (Digipak CD)

Profetus - Open the Passages in Dusk (Digipak CD)

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Second album of the Finnish funeral doom band. Funeral marches with extremely slow minimalistic drums, a perfect blend of solemn organ sounds and layered melodies by 2 guitars, and deep low growls. An atmosphere like a monotone picture which represents the majesty of funeral. Following the path opened by the fueral doom masters SKEPTICISM, they show us the pure form of funeral doom!


Track listing

  1. When Autumn Cries a Fiery Canticle
  2. The Watchers Dusk
  3. The Shoreless
  4. Burn, Lanterns of Eve


Profetus describes their sound as Funeral Doom Metal. I'd have to agree--this is certainly an album heavy with despair, a musical meditation on death. For listeners curious to discover these guys, I recommend patience. . . .to Open the Passages in Dusk lasts about an hour, but its four songs are all nearly twenty minutes in length, a shock to heavy metal fans who label ten-minute songs as "epic." But Profetus isn't trying to be epic; they just need plenty of time to mark their path between notes, mostly to discover what might happen in the spaces between. If you like music that develops slowly, . . .to Open the Passages in Dusk is worth the wait. I was impressed. - 5/5