Profundis Tenebrarum - Hate Decade (Demo Compilation) (CD)

Profundis Tenebrarum - Hate Decade (Demo Compilation) (CD)

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CD collection of the first three demos by Spanish horde PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM.


Track listing

  1. Traumatic Soul Coronation
  2. From Pandemonium...
  3. Sorrowful Moon I
  4. Sorrowful Moon II
  5. Eternal Fields of Wandering
  6. Deus non est
  7. Abhorrent Christendom
  8. Keep the Ancient Spirit Alive
  9. Dark & Eternal


Profundis Tenebrarum shows a great amount of diversity on all of the tracks bringing in rawness, speed, brutality, melody, atmosphere, clean and heavy parts as well as a great amount of grimness and all of these elements combined makes the music sound very interesting, the production has a very dark, raw, powerful, and heavy sound while the lyrics cover anti christian, death and darkness themes. - 4/5