Prophecy of Doom - Acknowledge the Confusion Master (2022 Reissue) (CD) Prophecy of Doom - Acknowledge the Confusion Master (2022 Reissue) (CD)

Prophecy of Doom - Acknowledge the Confusion Master (2022 Reissue) (CD)

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The cult 1990 debut album of influential UK grindcore from PROPHECY OF DOOM. Presented with cover artwork from the original 1990 version.
UK grind / death veterans PROPHECY OF DOOM formed in Gloucestershire, 1988, with bassist Martin Holt & vocalist Shrew Schroder uniting to embark upon a journey to create something challenging and memorable to stand out in the UK scene. After a few personnel changes whilst looking to establish a permanent recording line-up after their 1988 demo & the 1989 EP, Calculated Mind Rape (which had brought the band to the attention of legendary DJ John Peel), the time had come to create their debut full-length album. And so Acknowledge the Confusion Master came to be, and was released in 1990 on the burgeoning Peaceville Records, and their then newly established sub-label, Deaf Records. A highly effective concoction of blasting amid a titanic wall of raw grinding riffs and chaos propelled PROPHECY OF DOOM to the forefront of the scene, also leading to two recording sessions with John Peel, & further enforcing PROPHECY OF DOOM's position on the map of notable British grind acts.
As a further distinguishing factor, there was a great depth and consideration to the themes of the album, perhaps in stark contrast to how the tracks were presented sonically. Written by mainman / vocalist Shrew, there with a strong philosophical element to the lyrics, an exploration of awareness and intuition amid an era of increasingly suppressed feelings, and an urge to rise above mental restrictions.


Track listing

  1. Prophetic Believers Prepare
  2. Insanity Reigns Supreme
  3. Hybrid Thought
  4. Earth Reality Victim
  5. Rhetorical Fusion
  6. Prophetic Believers Act
  7. Rancid Oracle?
  8. Calculated Mind Rape
  9. Acknowledge the Confusion Master