Prurient - Troubled Sleep (CD)

Prurient - Troubled Sleep (CD)

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With this release PRURIENT unleashes an amazing epic of sheer banal evil. A sinister, raw and dense existential narrative focusing on domestic dread and fear, night panic, night terror, alienation and disenchantment. Extremely tense and rushing industrial noise beds of tortured electronics mixed with painful, frantic and naturally destroyed vocals accompany totally obliterated pious classical works from A. Part. Fast currents of textural noise alternate with slow damaged industrial noise and deep ambient drone structures adding to the tension that never seems to reach the breaking point. Intensely personal with feelings of suspended fear and drawn futility. All lyrics are taken from poetry contained in the book Crossing the Great Divide by Jean Feraca.


Track listing

  1. Bolt
  2. Lock
  3. Shades
  4. Troubled Sleep
  5. Glass
  6. The Zealot
  7. Tambourine
  8. Tarantella