Pure Evil - Chapter II: Sacrifice (CD)

Pure Evil - Chapter II: Sacrifice (CD)

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Solo Finnish black/death assault from Kryth (KORGONTHURUS, WOLFTHRONE) Chaper Two comes shortly after the debut demo on Blood & Soil, 2007.

Pure Evil was created of pure hate and uncontrollable emotions to work as a channel to pollute the surrounding world with the darkest possible audial worship.


Track listing

  1. Souls for Satan
  2. Feast in Darkness (Come Hell Part 2)
  3. Heart of Gold (Summoning)
  4. Luuta ja nahkaa
  5. Prepared for Satan
  6. Crucified
  7. Malja Saatanalle
  8. Sacrifice
  9. Ritual Dissection
  10. Towards Hell