Raspatul - Devils in Renewed Birth (CD)

Raspatul - Devils in Renewed Birth (CD)

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Deathrash from Singapore! The album, entitled Devils In Renewed Birth, is a collection of our old material all the way till 2004. Once again, Tomas Andersson from the now defunct thrash metal band DENATA (Sweden) will manage the task of designing the artwork and layout. The legendary James Murphy (DISINCARNATE, DEATH, OBITUARY, TESTAMENT) will be handling the mastering duties for this release.


Track listing

  1. The Perfect Realm of Jharkyannarkh
  2. Scraped Torn Flesh
  3. Unholy
  4. A.O.D (Annihilation of Divinity)
  5. Intense Madness
  6. Breaking
  7. Menghitung Ajal
  8. Breaking (2001 unreleased demo)