Raven Throne - Eternal, Dark (Вечный, тёмный) (CD)

Raven Throne - Eternal, Dark (Вечный, тёмный) (CD)

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Killer pagan / black metal from Belarus! Third and most recent album of powerful pagan metal!


Track listing

  1. В руки зимы (Into the Arms of Winter)
  2. Свет отравляя (Poisoning the Light)
  3. Печаль тысячелетней зимы (Grief of a Thousand Year Old Winter)
  4. Вьюгой зови (Call It Snowstorm...)
  5. Первосмерть: Первобог (Foredeath, Foregod)
  6. Когда приходят тени (When the Shadows Come)
  7. От вечности к вечности (From Eternity to Eternity)
  8. Силой, ненавистью (By Force, by Hatred)
  9. Внутри нет жизни (No Life Inside)
  10. В плену тонких жил (In Captivity of Thiny Veins)
  11. Зима - мой покой (The Winter Is My Rest)
  12. Пусть огонь заберёт вас (Let the Flame Take You)


Raven Throne brings a familiar and comforting style that bridges the gap between the deep heaviness of Aeternus with the base paganism and explorations of Enslaved. If you find the union of those two styles like a breath of heathenish wind across your blackened soul, then Raven Throne will freeze your blood. - 5/5