Raw Power - Screams from the Gutter (2022 Reissue) (White & Purple Splatter Edition) (LP)

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Essential hardcore record re-issued from RAW POWER on absolutely stunning limited edition white and purple splatter vinyl. RAW POWER's masterpieces of hardcore-metal crossover are remarkable for ranking a brilliant range of riffs and for being recorded by excellent musicians. This thrash / metal-hardcore album from the legendary RAW POWER will crush your skull like a ton of bricks whilst embarking on an assault to your eardrums.


Track listing

  1. State Oppression
  2. Joe's the Best
  3. Bastard
  4. A Certain Kind of Killer
  5. Army
  6. My Boss
  7. No Card
  8. Power
  9. Start a Fight
  10. Don't Let Me See It
  11. Hate
  12. Raw Power
  13. Our Oppression
  14. We're All Gonna Die
  15. Police, Police
  16. Nihilist
  17. Politicians