Reacciones Negativas - Issue 4 (Zine)

Reacciones Negativas - Issue 4 (Zine)

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Note: Reacciones Negativas is a Spanish language zine.

Trouble, Blut Aus Nord, Bergraven, Mournful Congregation, Master's Hammer, Grave Miasma, Ghast, Culted, Warchetype, Pombagira, Apostle of Solitude, Symphony of Grief, Stonehelm, Process of Guilt, Suma, Hateful Abandon, Hinsidig, I Shalt Become, Crippled Black Phoenix, Black Pyramid, Destino/Entierro, Galerna, Agonia Pre-Mortem, Atrabilis, LDRTFS, Green Mammoth Promotions, Black Sabbath's Vol.4 goddamn tribute, Dutch Doom/Death especial report (I), Billy Anderson (The Sludge "Messiah"), and lots of music and zine reviews.