Rebirth of Nefast - Tabernaculum (Digipak CD)

Rebirth of Nefast - Tabernaculum (Digipak CD)

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Orthodox black metal formed by Wann (HAUD MUNDUS, MYRKR). The long awaited debut full-length album, following the 2008 split with SLIDHR!

Four panel digipak with 24 page booklet.


Track listing

  1. The Lifting of the Veil
  2. The First Born of the Dead
  3. Alignment Divine
  4. Carrion is a Golden Throne
  5. Magna - Mater - Menses
  6. Dead the Age of Hollow Vessels


Tabernaculum is a sinister, rich and complex black metal record, capable of both devastating aggression and haunting, unsettling melody. The masterful songwriting keeps the album feeling dynamic and exciting, even at over an hour in length, by weaving together a wide variety of influences and ideas into the album's musical texture. Tabernaculum is without a doubt Rebirth of Nefast's magnum opus; a daring, challenging record, but one which rewards the careful, patient listener. - 5/5