Relics of Humanity - Obscuration (CD) Relics of Humanity - Obscuration (CD)

Relics of Humanity - Obscuration (CD)

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Belarus based brutal death metal monsters RELICS OF HUMANITY are ready to unleash their last effort called Obscuration featuring six tracks of absolutely outstanding brutal death metal. For Obscuration RELICS OF HUMANITY erased distances, united generations and statuses to create the darkest of the heaviest release ever to shudder the air. Mastered by Joseph Cincotta (SUFFOCATION, INTERNAL BLEEDING, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER) and featuring AJ Magana (ex-DISGORGE (USA), DEFEATED SANITY) on vocals plus exclusive guest bass performance by Derek Boyer (SUFFOCATION, DECREPIT BIRTH), this EP lifts death metal to a higher level of intensity, atmosphere and brutality. Artwork handled by Dan Seagrave (SUFFOCATION, DECREPIT BIRTH, MORBID ANGEL).


Track listing

  1. Retson Retap
  2. Ani Kihu Alamu
  3. When Darkness Consumes God's Throne
  4. Whipping the Cursed
  5. Legions of the Unbowed
  6. Stench of Burning Heavens