Rest in Pain - Issue 2 (Zine)

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A zine unlike many others, Rest in Pain is almost entirely handmade.. but not cut 'n' paste. The zine itself is pro-printed, but each page has been handdrawn (borders, logos; everything except the occasional photo) and all the text is handwritten. This is more than a classic style (we always had typewriters!), this is more like the journal of an underground maniac. Absoultely killer presentation!!

Includes interviews with PROFANITY ANGEL, MORTIS DEI, ARAGON, Iron Hammer zine, ROTTEN AGE / ARIES VEHEMENS, CONQUEST ICON, DARK FURY, NAZGHOR, MANZER, FREEZING BLOOD, Kampf Records, a Bulgarian scene report as well as zine bios: Apocalyptic Rites, Burning Abyss, INCARNATED, NEKKROFUKK, Vaginalluftwaffe, CONCATENATION and MERCILESS DEATH plus various reviews.