Resurrection - National Martyr (国殇) (CD)

Resurrection - National Martyr (国殇) (CD)

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Melodic thrash / death / black metal, National Marytr is the first and only album currently by RESURRECTION from the Jiangsu Province.

Includes three bonus tracks from their debut demo 复活 (2004).


Track listing

  1. 幕曲
  2. 军团的诅咒
  3. 纳牙豁之战
  4. 大司命
  5. 元凶
  6. 国殇
  7. 冥唤
  8. 挽歌
  9. 风光大葬 Bonus
  10. 复活 Bonus
  11. 夜的边缘 Bonus