Revenge - Attack.Blood.Revenge (CD)

Revenge - Attack.Blood.Revenge (CD)

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Debut release by REVENGE!

Canada's REVENGE are an entity instantly recognized as early creators and or innovators within the now robust "War Metal" genre. Creator and nihilist J.Read describes the band as SUPERION ATTACK METAL! Regardless of genre or tags Dark Horizon Records were honored to release the prolific and groundbreaking first EP "ATTACK.BLOOD.REVENGE" in 2001. With this debut exploding into the underground REVENGE are responsible for starting their own sub genre and are an innovative, original and esoteric monster. Founding member J. Read was also involved in the Cult Canadian attack styled "War Metal" band CONQUEROR. REVENGE however create an aural onslaught that continues in a similar vein not unlike that of the mighty CONQUEROR yet honing their musical barbaric onslaught to the point of extremity that can never be duplicated! Riffs so fucking brutal they exert an image in your mind of militant war machinery grinding and pulverizing YOU! Not for the weak! REVENGE are the most extreme band in the world!


Track listing

  1. Yabssor Born / Blood of My Blood
  2. Vengeance Absolute
  3. War (Bathory cover)
  4. Annihilate or Serve