Revulsion - Revulsion (CD)

Revulsion - Revulsion (CD)

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A collection of late eighties hardpunk from nearby Norfolk. Includes the single The Only Revolution, REVULSION's contribution to the Consolidation comp EP, and bonus unreleased tracks!

REVULSION hailed from Norfolk and were one of the most unique of the late 80s UK hardcore punks. Compiled by the band, this 10 track self titled CD combines their The Only Revolution 7 single (One of my personal favourite singles of all time) plus the tracks from the legendary Consolidation comp 7 plus additional unreleased tracks - a must for fans of 80s UK hardcore punk!


Track listing

  1. The Only Revolution
  2. All I Could See
  3. World Without Hate
  4. No Justification
  5. Out of Touch
  6. Feed the Rich (At X-Mas Time)
  7. Another Bloody War
  8. Obscene
  9. After the War
  10. There is No Need