Ripcord - Live at Parkhof Alkmaar Holland 1988 (CD)

Ripcord - Live at Parkhof Alkmaar Holland 1988 (CD)

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The UKHC legends are caught at their height of their peak at the end of a three week European tour - the band is super tight as they blast through 17 tracks in under 20 minutes - also features Lee Dorrian (NAPALM DEATH, CATHEDRAL) on guest vocals on closing track "Walls" (originally by SIEGE) - special part metallised CD (outer 2 inches of Cd is clear plastic) with minature record style packaging.


Track listing

  1. Get Away
  2. Infiltrate
  3. Censorship
  4. Vivicession
  5. No Effort, No Thought
  6. Single Ticket To Hell
  7. Barriers
  8. Collision Of Vision
  9. Passer By
  10. Drugshit
  11. Existance Without Cause
  12. So Strong
  13. Aim To Please
  14. Resolute
  15. Boiling Point
  16. Furder
  17. Walls