Rodosvet - Slavonic Butchery (Бойня словена) (CD)

Rodosvet - Slavonic Butchery (Бойня словена) (CD)

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Russian pagan ambient and black metal. Formed by a member of ELFSWORD. Slavonic Butchery is the first album from this project.
Violent, hateful and brutal Slavonic pagan metal war blended with some atmospheric interludes, traditional folkish melodies and singing. In the vein of DUB BUK and VELIMOR.


Track listing

  1. Родолюбие
  2. Наша Отчизна - Русь!
  3. Родосвет
  4. Велеса братство
  5. Оберегова ярь
  6. Бойня Словена
  7. Лебеди Непрядвы (1380г.)
  8. Чистая кровь
  10. Чёрный ворон (нар)