Romuvos - Infront of Destiny (Digipak CD)

Romuvos - Infront of Destiny (Digipak CD)

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Baltic folk metal with clean vocals, distorted riffs and traditional instruments that will have you raise your horns and join in the battle cry. With anthems of pagan wars against Christian invaders and traditional Baltic songs, ROMUVOS brings the ancient practices and traditions of the Baltic people back to life.


Track listing

  1. Infront of Destiny We Shall Face Our Death
  2. We Travel South
  3. Winds Blow over Seas
  4. Our Spirits Pass Through the Underworld
  5. Around the Bonfire Our Souls Will Unite
  6. While the Cliffs Stand Tall in the Horizon
  7. The Return Back Home
  8. For as Long as Enemies Lay in Defeat
  9. Golden Coasts Filled with Amber Stones
  10. Let Thy Gods Sing Your Glory Hymn
  11. Outro