Root - Kargeras (CD) Root - Kargeras (CD)

Root - Kargeras (CD)

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drawing back the dark curtain of Time,
over the land ancient and lost,
forgotten in immense dephts of ages,
where nothing begins
and nothing ends.

Truly one of the most innovative bands to ever exist in the underground metal scene and in the metal genre as well! This 4th release by the band also has to be one of their most diverse works to date with a unique feel that only Root can deliver! Hard to find in it's original format, a proper re-release for this is well overdue.

Features 11 minutes of bonus demo material!


Track listing

  1. Lykorian
  2. Kärgeräs Prologue
  3. Kärgeräs
  4. Prophet's Song
  5. Rulbräh
  6. Rodäxx
  7. Old Man
  8. Old Woman
  9. Equirhodont - Grandiose Magus
  10. Dygon - Monstrosity
  11. Trygän - Sexton
  12. Dum Vivimus, Vivamus
  13. Prohibition