Root - Zjeveni (LP) Root - Zjeveni (LP)

Root - Zjeveni (LP)

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ULTRA CULT masterpiece from Czechoslovakia '90!!!! Official latest reissue. Together with MASTER'S HAMMER (Franta Storm made the Zjevení cover!) they created some of the greatest black metal in that period.

25 years after its original release, ROOT's 1990-debut album "Zjeveni" will once again be available on wax!
Being persecuted and oppressed by the communist Czechoslovakian (Big Boss was once labeled as "The Satan-Agent from the West" by the authorities) government and real difficulties obtaining a proper studio and reasonable recording equipment - the most miserable conditions imaginable really - didn't stop ROOT from making one of the most evil and individualistic black metal creations ever, with rotten riffs stinking of the old and grey Eastern Block - in the most positive sense. It wouldn't be misguided to name them Bathory (or Hellhammer) from behind the Iron Curtain. "Zjeveni" is a definite must for fans of early primitive black metal; an album portraying the region and era.


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Zjevení
  3. Aralyon
  4. Výslech
  5. Upálení
  6. Píseň pro Satana
  7. 666
  8. 7 černých jezdců
  9. Démon
  10. Znamení
  11. Cesta zkázy