Roto Visage - Where the Mandrakes Grow (Digipak CD)

Roto Visage - Where the Mandrakes Grow (Digipak CD)

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Where the Mandrakes Grow is conceptualized around autoerotic asphyxiation, forming an abstract narrative into a singular autoerotic experience. A singular moment in flux within the body. The sound compositions consist of consciousness cut ups - flashes of memory and anomalies of the moment interweaving. Dark drone and experimental ambience. Mastered by the legendary Robert Rich. Beautiful 6-panal digi-CD designed by Anastasia Sarandou limited to 1,000 copies. Truly a great work of dark ambience. 64 minutes.


Track listing

  1. Uproot, A Noose Of Silk
  2. Willows Deep
  3. Visceral Monologue
  4. Interlude: The Death Of Kotzwara
  5. Sickly Sweet Fertilizer
  6. A Breath, Then It Comes
  7. Aural Cavity Obstruction
  8. Light Rejection, The Return