Sabbath Assembly - Quaternity (CD)

Sabbath Assembly - Quaternity (CD)

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SABBATH ASSEMBLY returns with their third album, Quaternity.

Quaternity is primarily acoustic in format, with an array of classical percussion and strings creating an entirely new sound for the band. Unlike its predecessors Restored to One and Ye Are Gods, Quaternity offers a majority of original material with inspiration from the Process found primarily in the lyrics. One exception is the completely unpublished "Lucifer," shared with the band over the telephone via former Processian Anthony D'Andrea, who had contacted the band complaining that they were not "getting the hymns right." Thanks to Mr. D'Andrea, whose rendition can be heard in part at the top of the track.

Quaternity once again features Jamie Myers on vocals and Dave "Xtian" Nuss on percussion. Special guests on the album include Daron Beck of PINKISH BLACK accompanying Jamie on vocals, Kevin Hufnagel of GORGUTS on guitar, Mat McNerney and Marja Konttinen of HEXVESSEL reciting sacred texts, liturgical chanting by Jessika Kenney, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM), bass from Colin Marston of BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS, and organ from "Nameless Void" of NEGATIVE PLANE.


Track listing

  1. Let Us Who Mystically Represent...
  2. The Burning Cross Of Christ
  3. Jehovah on Death
  4. I, Satan
  5. Lucifer
  6. The Four Horsemen