Sacrilege - Within the Prophecy (2021 Reissue) (2LP)

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Bonus tracks includes 1986 demo and "Insurrection" taken from the 1987 Music for Nations compilation Speed Kills III: A Catalogue of Destruction.

Sacrilege's second full-length deserves definitively more affection and attention. As far as I can see, "Within the Prophecy" is one of the few albums that possess really unique features. "Within the Prophecy" has a fatalistic touch from the beginning to the end. I guess that Satan himself lists this album in his torrid top ten. Therefore, it may be a good idea to look for the phone number of your local exorcist after having listened to this output. But first of all, listen very closely and enjoy the songs.


Track listing

  1. Sight of the Wise
  2. The Captive
  3. Winds of Vengeance
  4. Spirit Cry
  5. Flight of the Nazgul
  6. The Fear Within
  7. Search Eternal
  8. Insurrection
  9. Search Eternal (demo)
  10. The Fear Within (demo)
  11. Winds of Vengeance (demo)
  12. Insurrection (demo)