Sacrilegium - Wicher (2014 Reissue) (Cassette)

Sacrilegium - Wicher (2014 Reissue) (Cassette)

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The Polish scene of the early nineties was one of the greatest eras in black metal. It spawned a multitude of epic and mysterious recordings. It remains one of the most interesting periods, with continuous reissues of some of the best works.

Two groups existed at that time: the Temple of the Fullmoon, perhaps the best remembered, with GRAVELAND, VELES, FULLMOON, INFERNUM, BLACKTHORN, PAGAN TEMPLE, MYSTERIES and others; and Dąb i Orzeł (or Дуб и Орёл, Oak and Eagle) with NORTH, SACRILEGIUM, SALTUS, PERUNWIT, WENEDAE and others.
These two groups existed in parallel and often in conflict during the early period, but both have a musical legacy that has outlasted any animosity by decades.

SACRILEGIUM's only album, Wicher, stands alongside, if not at the top of, the best Polish pagan metal. Invoking ancient Slavonic pagan heritage and the dark nature and occultism that was a large part of European black metal. Atmospherically and musically this album is a masterpiece!

Wicher has only been released once, and in recent years has remained rare and expensive. Our hope is this tape reissue will serve to return SACRILEGIUM to the underground consciousness so we can all ensure their legacy is not forgotten.