Sacriphyx / StarGazer - Split (EP)

Sacriphyx / StarGazer - Split (EP)

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This release illustrates the uniqueness and the simultaneous stylistic convergence of the two bands involved. While Sacriphyx continue to refine a sound that is clearly evocative of early Greek black metal such as Varathron and Rotting Christ, StarGazer elaborate further upon their technical death metal that truly resembles no other band. Each contributes only one track to this release, but the tracks submitted arguably stand far above anything these bands have previously released. Other than both bands' Australian origin, the common element found on both sides of this EP is each band's skill at creating epic tracks. StarGazer's "Tryall of Obsidian" exudes at once both the infinitely creative and infinitely destructive potential of the universe. On "A.J. Shout VC," a narrative epitaph for a soldier whose valiant fighting at the Battle of Lone Pine precipitated his demise, Sacriphyx convey the triumph and despair associated with battle and war. This is among the most poignant split EPs released in years. Although at a glance one may question the merging of such disparate styles onto one record, the result should dismiss any doubt immediately upon listening.


Track listing

  1. Sacriphyx - A.J. Shout VC
  2. StarGazer - Tryaal by Obsidian