Sadistik Exekution - 30 Years of Agonizing the Dead (CD)

Sadistik Exekution - 30 Years of Agonizing the Dead (CD)

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Absolute Aussie Cult!!! Early demos and rare EPs collected on this disc. One thousand armageddons of KILLER total shit!!!

Includes the 1991 demo Suspiral, Agonizing the Dead (1992), Demon with Wings (EP 1996) and Sadistik Elektrokution (mini CD 1997).
20 page booklet includes interview, old photos and Rok's art.


Track listing

  1. Agonizing the Dead
  2. Magus
  3. Suspiral
  4. Ipsissimus
  5. Proxima Centauri
  6. Demon with Wings
  7. Sadistik Elektrokution (Bastard Mix)
  8. Voltage by Sadism
  9. Bastard Bass


This is raw, unpolished extreme metal done the way it origintated. If you like me like SE then this is a nice treat to the collection... - 4/5