Salute - The Underground (CD)

Salute - The Underground (CD)

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After the Todestrieb debut Above the Law, SALUTE return with eight tough new tracks! Darker this time, sliding into morbid doom towards the end. Old school metal that brings in more punk/crossover influences (DISCHARGE, AMEBIX). Grinding dirty guitars and vocals that continue to smash through the crust.
Swine has a greater writing role on this album (music and lyrics) and the tone, the atmosphere, makes a noticeable shift - spiralling ever downwards.

Buddy, Salute said it best!!


Track listing

  1. 2 bit Punk
  2. The Underground
  3. Civil War
  4. Shredding Belt
  5. Dr. Faust
  6. Hell on Heels
  7. Cargo of Loss
  8. Six Deep


In essence Salute is dirty Punk/Rock n Roll influenced Black Metal for fans of Carpathian Forest, Darkthrone, Destroyer 666, Discharge, Fukpig, Hellhammer, Impaled Nazarene, Kvelertak, Malignant Tumour, Motorhead, Thralldom, Witchmaster and to a lesser extent The Meads Of Asphodel. Highly recommended. They also fucking rule live if you get the chance. - 4/5