Samus - Desengano (CD)

Samus - Desengano (CD)

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Desengano is a surreal landscape of mutated freaked-rock comprised of lumbering sludge riffs that contort into tape/turntable manipulations amidst melodious keyboards and sustained guitar tones/drones. Ranging from the crushing droning doom-laden EARTH-esque guitar thud of "The Happy Sultan", and the bountiful melodies that playfully flow under the sugary electronica and plunderphonic jazz of "Super Orthopedic Caravan", to the expansive Ennio Morricone-influenced slide guitar ambience found in "Who's Pumping Estrada" and the wall reverbating drones and tape oscillating backwash that drifts into the no-wave dissonance of "Bone Ape Tit", SAMUS create a cohesive, multi dimensional soundtrack comprised of heavy duty psychedelia, avant-rock experimentalism, and opium-den cartoon soundtracks.


Track listing

  1. This Is Bad Cabbage
  2. The Happy Sultan
  3. Super-Orthopedic Caravan
  4. Who's Pumping Estrada?
  5. Bone Ape Tit
  6. Save The Manatee
  7. 10/90
  8. DJ Delta Burke
  9. Deferestation