Sanctification - Black Reign (CD)

Sanctification - Black Reign (CD)

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Swedish metal have always been known for spewing out massive amounts of melodic death / thrash metal, but SANCTIFICATION broke away from the cliche to offer us an American-style of uncompromising death metal wreckage! Black Reign is a master class album filled with catchy hooks and top-notch musicianship done with deadly precision. Also featuring HYPOCRISY's Peter Tagtgren and DARK FUNERAL frontman Emperor Magus Caligula on guest vocals!


Track listing

  1. Thirst for Blood
  2. Black Reign
  3. Raw
  4. Eternal
  5. Hear This
  6. Dead Forever
  7. Flesh, Bone and Skin
  8. Trucido Christianese
  9. Storm


On the whole the album is well done, and although SANCTIFICATION pretty much plays in the American style at points they do try to break away from it to fall back to their Swedish Death roots. Amongst the many mediocre Death Metal albums that are available these days, Black Reign manages to stay above them. If it's the classic Death Metal albums you crave for minus the cock and ball torture in modern Death Metal albums, then SANCTIFICATION's Black Reign is just the right thing for you. - 4/5