Sargeist - Black Devotion Will Let the Devil In (5CD)

Sargeist - Black Devotion Will Let the Devil In (5CD)

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Collects the albums: Satanic Black Devotion, split with Horned Almighty, Tyranny Returns (demo), Disciple of the Heinous Path, Let the Devil In.


Track listing

  1. Preludium
  2. Satanic Black Devotion
  3. Obire Pestis (Suicidal Ruin)
  4. Frowning, Existing
  5. Glorification
  6. Panzergod
  7. Black Fucking Murder
  8. Sargeist
  9. Returning to Misery & Comfort
  10. In Ruin & Despair
  11. Questing the Blessing of Evil
  12. Profane Bleeding Call
  13. At the Altar of the Beast
  14. Skullsplitting Manifest
    Horned Almighty
  15. Degradation Song
    Horned Almighty
  16. In Torture We Trust
    Horned Almighty
  17. To the Lord Our Lives
    Horned Almighty
  18. Preludium: Golden Seed of Father-Sun
  19. Anti-Human Black Metal Wrath
  20. Night of Sacred Wisdom
  21. Dark Fortress
  22. Scion of Glory & Pride
  23. Interludium
  24. The Impaler Prince
  25. Sinister Glow of the Funeral Torches
  26. Sworn by the White Wolves Blood
  27. Iron, Blood & Blasphemy
  28. Postludium: Silver Womb of Mother-Moon
  29. Black Treasures of Melancholy
  30. Remains of an Unholy Past
  31. Cursed Blaze of Rituals
  32. Disciple of the Heinous Path
  33. Heretic Iron Will
  34. Echoes from a Morbid Night
  35. Empire of Suffering
  36. A Spell to Awaken the Temple
  37. From the Black Coffin Lair
  38. Burning Voice of Adoration
  39. Nocturnal Revelation
  40. Discovering the Enshrouded Eye
  41. Let the Devil In
  42. Sanguine Rituals
  43. Twilight Breath of Satan
  44. As Darkness Tears the World Apart