Sarkom - Anti-Cosmic Art (CD)

Sarkom - Anti-Cosmic Art (CD)

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Norwegian Black Metal veterans SARKOM are back with their fourth full-length album. Like its predecessor, Doomsday Elite, Anti-Comsic Art delivers a brutally catchy, guitar-driven sound teamed with necrotic vocals, to produce a set of songs that range from icy old school black metal to more experimental compositions that feature some blast beats born in hell.

Fans can expect to hear that unique, crushingly dark sound that is SARKOM's trademark, whilst, at the same time, the band proves that it is not afraid of stepping out of the typical black metal comfort zone.

Featuring guest artists Pehr Skjoldhammer from ALFAHANNE, guitar virtuosos Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT, ROQUEFIRE), and Peter Huss (SHINING), this diverse album is bound to give the listener something more exciting than just another formulaic black metal album.


Track listing

  1. Previous Associates, Now As Targets For The Gun
  2. Mind-abscess
  3. Ruiners Of Our Family Tree
  4. Seen Through The Eyes Of A Pedophile Priest
  5. Come, Dear Cancer
  6. Black Metal Necrophilia
  7. Sodomy And Lust (Sodom cover)


...won't disappoint anyone looking for that aggressive black metal fix but although there are still few concessions to atmospheric or progressive concerns, it's nevertheless a more expansive work than fans have come to expect. - 4/5