SatanaKozel - Rogatiya (Рогатыя) (CD)

SatanaKozel - Rogatiya (Рогатыя) (CD)

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Recorded March 2007, released in 2008; Rogatiya is SATANAKOZEL's debut album. They formed in 2003 and the songs here were written during the early stages of the band. Pagan metal from Russia with a strong influence from Finnish folk metal.


Track listing

  1. Ветер
  2. Страх да туман
  3. Как поп Сиволдай в лесу заблудился
  4. Тьма
  5. Месть
  6. Кузнец
  7. Вьюга
  8. Пивовар
  9. Подопри-Гора
  10. Пустота