Satan's Satyrs / Ohmwar - Split (EP)

Satan's Satyrs / Ohmwar - Split (EP)

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Both bands contribute a BLACK FLAG cover - SATAN'S SATYRS with "Modern Man" (from the overlooked Loose Nut 1985 LP), OHMWAR with the BLACK FLAG classic single "Nervous Breakdown".

OHMWAR's original track is "Snake", taken from Live and SATAN'S SATYRS have a great two-minute instrumental in the tradition of Link Wray, Davie Allan and other influences!


Track listing

  1. Satan's Satyrs - Modern Man (Black Flag cover)
  2. Satan's Satyrs - Was Ya Expectin' Us?
  3. Ohmwar - Snake
  4. Ohmwar - Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag cover)