Satariel - Chifra (Digipak CD)

Satariel - Chifra (Digipak CD)

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"Chifra" concludes the theme revolving around human will, that begun from SATARIEL's last offering, "Hydra". A must for all those into extreme melodic death metal! Mixed by Daniel Bergstrand (IN FLAMES, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, etc). Also includes a video for the song, "Hogtied Angel" and other extras for your computer.


Track listing

  1. Hogtied Angel
  2. Slithering
  3. Chifra
  4. Flies Halo


Satariel are a Melodic Death Metal band in a very Gothenburg way. They play good, melodic riffs and mix clean and growly vocals. The growls typically handle the verse, while the clean singing is for choruses, though they don't stick to that formula slavishly... If you like bands like Disharmonia Mundi then this is a band to check out, otherwise approach with caution. - 3/5