Sathanas - Crowned Infernal (Digipak CD)

Sathanas - Crowned Infernal (Digipak CD)

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Sixth album of Pennsylvanian black death!


Track listing

  1. Crowned Infernal
  2. Witches Sabbat
  3. Beneath the Blood Red Moon
  4. At Death's Command
  5. Cast Into the Fire
  6. Dawn of Satan's Rise
  7. Hammer of Demons
  8. The Beast of Revelation
  9. Summoning the Ancient Hordes
  10. Necromantic Rites
  11. Sacrificial Kingdom
  12. Hymns From the Shadowland


...hate-spewing Satanic Death/Thrash that takes no prisoners and leaves no survivors. Sathanas bow to no trends, and they are not trying to innovate at all, they just crank out riff after riff of killing evil goodness with a saw-edged guitar sound and inimical screeching vocals that maintain aggression without sacrificing intelligibility... Pretty much every Sathanas album is worth having, but this one sets new standards with great production and a level of consistency that keeps kicking ass all the way through the album. Heavy, evil, and hooky as fuck, Sathanas deliver the goods with Crowned Infernal. - 5/5