Sathanas - Worship the Devil (CD)

Sathanas - Worship the Devil (CD)

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Twenty-five fucking years. For over a quarter of a century, Pennsylvania's SATHANAS had been holding high and proud extreme metal flag in his homeland, no matter what the 'flavour of the day' trend was. And besides, those veterans have never set any specific borders in between genres, let them be thrash, black or death just as long as it is METAL. Besides tons of splits and compilations, after since their debut full-length 'Black Earth' back in 1996, they have been steadily releasing music through various labels in the States, in Europe or even in Asia without ever loosing steam. Once again recorded in between October 2013 and February 2014 at the faithful Innertube studio by Nick Kucel, like all their albums since 2007's 'Crowned Infernal', 'Worship the Devil' has been mixed by former FUNERAL MIST and WATAIN regular collaborator Tore Stjeran at his famous Necromorbus studios in Sweden. "When I wrote the album, I was going for an old school black death sound. I guess that compared to previous album 'La Hora de Lucifer' that was more in a thrash vein, 'Worship the Devil' is way more heavier release. I think it's actually be our best release to date!!!" Round up by an amazing artwork courtesy of the one and only Juan Castellano ("I was looking for an artist to bring the classic depiction of the devil tempting a woman to sign the book of death"), the eight tracks featured on 'Worship the Devil' will once again prove you with a (iron) fist that SATHANAS are metal to the bone.


Track listing

  1. Written in Blood
  2. Satan's Cross
  3. Oath of Witchery
  4. Marked by the Beast
  5. Upon the Age of Darkness
  6. In Death's Name We Pray
  7. Blessings of Doom
  8. Black Paths of Devilry