Sator Marte - Za zdmi (CD)

Sator Marte - Za zdmi (CD)

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Black metal commando SATOR MARTE has a new album which attracted mainly to unusually crushing bass parts and an original concept and mood songs. As is evident from the title, (Behind the Walls) lyrics deals helplessness, terror, war and the horrors associated with it.


Track listing

  1. Řemeslo války
  2. Koroze
  3. Za zdmi
  4. V pokroucené realitě
  5. Řetězy
  6. Mstitel
  7. Vězeň minulosti


Technically, Sator Marte are playing crisp Black Metal in the Marduk mould, only with far greater intelligence and ingenuity. The way they craft their songs make Za Zdmi so thoroughly ruthless; there's not a moment of boredom during the whole thing, every riff keeps you on your toes, either by luring you into a hypnotic trance or by bashing you over the head. With a gifted vocalist who pulls his growls from the very depths of the earth, Sator Marte have produced a winning guitar-driven Black Metal album here, and despite the language barrier, anyone who likes their music evil and yet challenging should seek it out. - 4/5