Saturn's Cross - Cheat Death (LP) Saturn's Cross - Cheat Death (LP)

Saturn's Cross - Cheat Death (LP)

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Sebastian Montesi is a prolific artist, probably best known for his endeavors in MITOCHONDRION and for being one of the founding members of AUROCH. With Saturn'S CROSS, the Canadian took a very different path, delving into cold wave territories, which little have to share with the bands he is usually associated to.

This is a willing exploration of the endless labyrinth and a lamp of pitch black glass intended to serve as a beacon in the lightless depths of the human spirit. This is a headlong dive into the soul's psychic darkness, with nothing to break the fall. This ushers in a new era SATURN'S CROSS. Verily, the record that the project has been threatening since the very inception.


Track listing

  1. Fasting From Mercy
  2. Hell To Pay
  3. Last Night We Said a Great Many Things
  4. Cheat Death
  5. The Violence
  6. The Prostitute's Son
  7. Exit Visas
  8. The Past is Never Dead
  9. You Must Honour the Past
  10. Vicious Gods of Night