Scanner - Hypertrace (Record Store Day 2013) (CD)

Scanner - Hypertrace (Record Store Day 2013) (CD)

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Record Store Day limited edition: brand new mastering exclusive to this physical reissue as well as a new interview with band founder, Axel Julius.

Germany could be considered the birth place for what is now known as power metal. Bands like HELLOWEEN, GAMMA RAY and BLIND GUARDIAN first forged this path in the '80s, but there was one band that never seemed to get their just due. SCANNER's 1988 debut concept album, Hypertrace, was as good as any album out at the time, if not better.
Conceptually speaking, Hypertrace was an intriguing tale of space travel and the bettering of humanity, while sonically it was filled to the brim with charging thunderous riffage and ear-piercing vocals thanks to guest vocalist, Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR, TYRAN' PACE, GAMMA RAY).


Track listing

  1. Warp 7
  2. Terrion
  3. Locked Out
  4. Across The Universe
  5. R.M.U.
  6. Grapes of Fear
  7. Retaliation Positive
  8. Killing Fields
  9. Wizard Force
  10. Galactos


I don't know about the band's other albums, but lyrically "Hypertrace" revolves around a sci-fi theme - this of course will be hit-or-miss with many people. The music however is simply great, a catchy album from beginning to end, the kind that makes you simply hit the Repeat button on the CD player. Great guitar playing (and some wicked solos), lots of variety in the singing and demented drumming all blended together into a great atmosphere that makes this really feel like an album, not just an assortment of random songs. Metal! Listen, there's no other way to put it: This album simply kills. If you like very early Helloween, you should definitely check out this album. - 5/5