Septic Tank - Rotting Civilisation (CD)

Septic Tank - Rotting Civilisation (CD)

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Hardcore / early death metal worship influenced by DISCHARGE, REPULSION, HELLHAMMER.

Lineup includes Scott Carlson (REPULSION), Gaz Jennings (CATHEDRAL), Lee Dorrian (CATHEDRAL, NAPALM DEATH) and Jaime Arellano (ex-BLUTVIAL).


Track listing

  1. Septic Tank
  2. Who
  3. Victimised
  4. Social Media Whore
  5. Divide and Conk Out
  6. Treasurers of Disease
  7. Fucked
  8. Whitewash
  9. Death Vase
  10. You Want Some
  11. Digging Your Own Grave
  12. Danger Signs
  13. Walking Asylum
  14. Lost Humanity
  15. Never Never Land
  16. Self-Obsessed
  17. Living Death
  18. Rotten Empire