Shadowthrone - Demiurge of Shadow (CD)

Shadowthrone - Demiurge of Shadow (CD)

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Shadowthrone formed in 2015 after the leave of Steph from THEATRES DES VAMPIRES. So he began composing new symphonic black metal songs, influenced by EMPEROR, BATHORY, MERCYFUL FATE and many others from the 90's black scene. Then begins the recordings of Demiurge of Shadow, Containing 3 of 4 tracks from the very first EP Through the Gates of Dead Sun, plus other 7 in edit songs with a symphonic taste. Always staying within the limits of old school. Epic and cold sound feature SHADOWTHRONE, paying their tribute to past and romantic era!


Track listing

  1. Across the Open Sea
  2. Demiurge of Shadow
  3. Faded Humanity
  4. Theories Behind Chaos
  5. Seal of Opulence
  6. Daemonius
  7. Disciples of the Dark Master
  8. Blazing South of Kingdom
  9. Total Darkness
  10. Howling Abyss