Shibalba - Stars Al-Med Hum (CD) Shibalba - Stars Al-Med Hum (CD)

Shibalba - Stars Al-Med Hum (CD)

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The Secret Society of SHIBALBA dives deep into the unmapped Astral oceans and corridors of Stars Al-Med Hum. Orchestrating a journey to the most obscure spheres beyond human perception, the pathways of otherworldly ingression and ecstasy, a newborn entity is brought to the Light. A soundtrack to the sexual Tantric Magick Meditation and a Sinister vocalization of the darkest corners of the psyche, as the Adept ascends to the astral worlds, the ones below and the ones above, within trances of lucid slumber and Inner awakening. Planes of All and Nought, envisioned by impulses and vibrations while the disciples of the sonic architects are dancing to invoke the sabbatical names of unspeakable Goddesses of the Moon. Kundalini and Brahmanic theurgy combined to solar and lunar atoms ascending and entwined around the spinal medulla, projecting the soul by mantras sacred and ancient, to the Astral worlds of Stars Al-Med Hum.

Stars Al-Med Hum was recorded and produced by the band themselves and both mixed and mastered by Nekelmu Ilu. The latter also created the album's cover artwork.


Track listing

  1. Alignment I Fa Ra On
  2. Alignment II TEI Re Re Re
  3. Alignment III Ana Hat
  4. Alignment IV La Ra
  5. Alignment V Egi Pto


A disturbing, troubling, yet utterly absorbing piece of work. - 5/5