Sieghetnar - Erhabenheit (Digipak CD) Sieghetnar - Erhabenheit (Digipak CD)

Sieghetnar - Erhabenheit (Digipak CD)

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Multi-layered ambient music in the vein of early MORTIIS, NEPTUNE TOWERS and the likes meets slow, droning black metal riffs in one epic track that wanders through a multitude of evolving moods and atmospheres.

One track, 33 minutes.


Track listing

  1. Erhabenheit


The thirty-three minute long track starts out quite interesting, with a spooky sound. And while I'm scared I'll get bored out of my mind I'm still hopeful. After about seven minutes of the same thing I start to get agitated and nervous... Is this it... And suddenly I think I sense a guitar somewhere in the background, until it's clear I'm hearing riffing. And then the drumming sets in. All of a sudden I find myself listening to a black metal track, albeit extremely atmospheric. A slow drum tempo and guitar riffing makes it interesting. The keyboard and ambience is of course still present, and at times it goes down some weird paths and glimpses into space, traveling from star to star... And just as I think I'm about to get annoyed by what seems to be heading into a sci-fi movie soundtrack it switches character again. All the black metal is gone, and what is left is pure ambience. - 4/5