Silva Nigra - Epocha (CD)

Silva Nigra - Epocha (CD)

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Epocha is fourth album from Czech black metal band SILVA NIGRA. Music has shifted into more technical, but still very catchy melodic musical passages. Each song lives its own life and doesn't imitate any other musical element from the past. Individual songs are unique because of their trash metal features and lively guitar riffs. Also they have very compelling atmosphere. Texts are about various themes and are avoiding usual kitschy themes. Lyrics are formed into several units that gained inspiration from philosophy, duality, decadence, own dark poetry and phantastic realism. Vocals are in mother tongue of the band, but in the booklet you can find English translations. Intro, outro and intermezzo were created by Swedish ambient-industrial project OBJEKT4.


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Tok / The Flow
  3. Legenda / The Legend
  4. Na památku věcí ztracených / In Memory of Lost Things
  5. Neodpustil / No Forgiveness
  6. Interlude
  7. Epocha / Era
  8. Citadela / The Citadel
  9. Prostoupen vyšší formou uvědomění (Filozofie akt II.) / Imbued With Superior Consciousness (Act of Philosophy II)
  10. Matka nemoc / Mother of Disease
  11. Outro