Silvester Anfang - Kosmies Slachtafval (Digipak CD)

Silvester Anfang - Kosmies Slachtafval (Digipak CD)

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Silvester Anfang hail from Flanders, channeling an ancient spirit of blasphemous anarchy, transposing the nameless fiends of yore as free-flowing ritual psych occultic Flemish rock. Kosmies Slachtafval (trans. "kosmic slaughterhouse sweepings/debris") sees Silvester Anfang in dark, post-krautrock, heavy jam mode: guitars, bass, keys, flute and percussion combine with vocals to create a doomy funeral psych rich in the textures of ritual and worship.
Deluxe digipack with 12pp poster booklet.


Track listing

  1. Mijn Vader Was Een Wolf En Mijn Moeder Was Een Hoer
  2. Konfituur Voor De Satanjeugd