Sin 34 - Do You Feel Safe (CD)

Sin 34 - Do You Feel Safe (CD)

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The record you are now holding in your hand (and hopefully listening to at this very moment) is irrefutable proof that teenage girls actively participated in the creation of American hardcore.
- Tobi Vail

A SoCal hardcore gem finally back in print after thirty years!

Remastered by Bob Weston, liner notes by Dave Markey, Tobi Vail and Thurston Moore, three previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Formed in the wake of the first wave of LA punk, SIN 34 epitomized the Southern California hardcore scene at the time. Fast, defiant thrash; one part suburban teenage rebellion, one part crass satire, all held together by a thread of reckless adventuring. One of the rare hardcore bands fronted by a female singer, SIN 34 bounced it's way briefly but not quietly through the SoCal scene, dodging flying bodies and antagonistic LA police as they went.

SIN 34's only full length LP, Do You Feel Safe?, captured the band in their short-lived prime. Originally released in 1983 and over 30 years out of print until now; Julie Lanfeld, Dave Markey, Phil Newman, and Mike Glass encapsulated the youthful spirit of a vital and influential music movement.


Track listing

  1. Do You Feel Safe?
  2. After You
  3. War At Home
  4. Barbie and Ken
  5. Say We Suck
  6. Not
  7. Live or Die
  8. New Wave Slut
  9. Left Waiting
  10. Forgive & Forget
  11. Two Words
  12. Join The Race
  13. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out
  14. Nothing Makes Sense
  15. Uncontrollable Urge
  16. Out Of Sight
  17. Permanently Wasted
  18. Restrictions


This is straightforward hardcore, but they are songs written via osmosis and immersion, rather than careful study, identifiable conventions twisted and warped as a result. They are funny and pissed off in equal measure. Julie switches from deadpan to aggressive in a second, sixteen years old and absolutely furious. - 5/5