Six Feet Under - Haunted (CD)

Six Feet Under - Haunted (CD)

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Launched in 1995, SIX FEET UNDER was originally conceived as a side project by the Cannibal Corpse lead throat Chris Barnes along with Obituary guitarist Allen West, Deaths Terry Butler and drummer Greg Gall. Chris departure from Cannibal Corpse the same year expedited the bands rapid evolution beyond a one-riff death metal supergroup into the worlds most respected names in extreme music. The combination of speedy riffs, down tuned groove and lyrics inspired by the horrors of the mind and the world at large had established SFU internationally as the reigning, if not, most feared death metal acts.


Track listing

  1. The Enemy Inside
  2. Silent Violence
  3. Lycanthropy
  4. Still Alive
  5. Beneath a Black Sky
  6. Human Target
  7. Remains of You
  8. Suffering in Ecstacy
  9. Tomorrow's Victim
  10. Torn to the Bone
  11. Haunted